Church Services

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Date Title Presenter
2017-06-08 Stuck in the mud Andrew Pratt Play
2017-06-17 It's All About Mercy Dr Glen Hughes Play
2017-05-13 Hebrews 2 - Its Not Time for Drifting Tim Merritt Play
2017-05-06 The Great Disappointment Rick Hergenhan Play
2017-04-29 Hebrews 1 - The Express Image of His Person Tim Merritt Play
2017-04-22 The Lord Knows Myrtle Shelford Play
2017-04-15 The Four Certainties Eric Greenwell Play
2017-04-01 A Flood is Coming Pr Tim Merritt Play
2017-03-25 Hope Dr Glen Hughes Play
2017-03-18 Our Greatest Need Pr Tim Merritt Play
2017-03-11 The Second Coming Pr Cranville Tooley Play
2017-03-04 A New Way Pr Tim Merritt Play
2017-02-25 The Seamless Robe Dr John Hammond Play
2017-02-18 Adventist in Spirit Play
2017-02-11 God's Kindness Despite Our Rebelliousness Play
2017-02-04 The Gospel Down the Ages Play
2017-01-28 Dead to Law Alive to Christ Part 2 Play
2017-01-21 Dead to Law Alive to Christ Part 1 Play
2017-01-14 It's Time for Revival Carel Neuhoff Play
2017-01-07 Justice, Mercy, Grace, Peace David Keeler Play
2016-12-31 Whose Will You Follow Alex Martin Play
2016-12-03 Achieving the Impossible Carel Neuhoff Play
2016-11-19 Taste and See Sharon Rusterholz Play
2016-11-12 The Storm is Approaching Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-11-05 Doing What Jesus Did Pr Paul Geelan Play
2016-10-15 Entrusted with the message of Salvation Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-10-08 Saved by the Son Dr Glen Hughes Play
2016-10-01 Who? What? Dr Glen Hughes Play
2016-09-17 Slow to Anger Dr Glen Hughes Play
2016-09-10 Julie Andrews and the Investigative Judgement Dr Glen Hughes Play
2016-09-03 The Time of Mourning is Over Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-08-27 Patterns of provision from God Christina Hawkins Play
2016-08-20 In whom do you trust Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-08-06 Trained and Equipped to face the battle Carel Neuhoff Play
2016-07-23 The Wedding Pr Ted White Play
2016-07-16 Grow or Stumble Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-07-09 Peters message of hope Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-06-25 Myth, A Convenient Truth Dr Glen Hughes Play
2016-06-04 The Most Valuable Thing in the World Pr Tim Merritt Play
2016-05-07 Mothers Day Matt Parra Play
2016-02-13 Cut In Half for Him Pr Tim Merritt Play
2015-11-28 He is Able William Moala Play
2015-11-21 Feathers in the Wind Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-11-07 Knowing the time William Moala Play
2015-10-31 Are You in on God's Secret Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-10-17 Tell the World William Moala Play
2015-10-10 The Power of the Holy Spirit Pr Justin Lawman Play
2015-10-03 Would You Be a Doula Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-09-26 The Power of Vision William Moala Play
2015-09-19 At Your Word Matt Parra Play
2015-09-12 You Are The Church William Moala Play
2015-09-05 We Would See Jesus Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-08-22 Jesus Our Passover William Moala Play
2015-07-04 Freedom & Providence Pr Rodney Woods Play
2015-06-20 The Burden of the Believer William Moala Play
2015-06-06 Is It OK To Be Caught Napping? Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-06-13 The Valley of Decision Pr Neil Thompson Play
2015-05-30 The Eleventh Hour Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-05-23 Our Greatest Need William Moala Play
2015-05-09 The Mother Who Never Stopped Praying William Moala Play
2015-04-18 The Mysterious Hand of God Pr Laurie McMurtry Play
2015-04-11 The God of the Cross Lynde Waldron Play
2015-04-04 Our Passover Lamb Pr Keith Jackson Play
2015-03-28 Right Thinking Right Feeling Pr Keith Jackson Play
2014-09-20 The Pharisee in me William Moala Play
2014-07-12 Two prophets and a heart Dr Jonathon Sebunya Play
2014-07-05 A man after God's own heart Pr Keith Jackson Play
2014-06-28 20140628_William_Moala.m4a William Moala Play
2014-06-21 What it means to follow Jesus William Moala Play
2014-06-14 I heard it through the grapevine Play
2014-06-07 By faith they overcame Pr Keith Jackson Play
2014-05-31 Not Far From Each of Us Dr Barry Hill Play
2014-04-26 20140426_Dr_Bryan_Ball_Afternoon.mp3 Dr Bryan Ball Play
2014-05-17 No pain, no gain. William Moala Play
2014-05-03 What are you living for? William Moala Play
2014-04-26 20140426_Dr_Bryan_Ball_church.m4a Dr Bryan Ball Play
2014-04-12 Don't focus on the chains William Moala Play
2014-03-29 The kingdom of heaven Don Sforcina Play
2014-05-24 The best is yet to be Pr Keith Jackson Play
2014-03-07 The Church: Founded, Persecuted then Popular Dr Allan Lindsay Play
2014-03-08 The Church: Reformed to Prepare for God's Work in the Time of the End Dr Allan Lindsay Play
2014-03-08 The Church: Disappointed but Recommissioned to Proclaim God's Final Message Dr Allan Lindsay Play
2014-03-08 The Church: Hidden But Preserved and Victorious Dr Allan Lindsay Play
2013-09-07 My Kingdom is not of this world Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-08-24 Broken Four Ways Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-08-17 The Rich Young Ruler Pr Justin Lawman Play
2013-08-03 Why Character Matters Dr Barry Hill Play
2013-07-13 The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-07-20 When All Hope Is Gone Pr Rodney Wood Play
2013-07-06 No Title Dr Glen Hughes Play
2013-06-22 Increase Our Faith Matt Parra Play
2013-06-08 No Title Nathan Hawkins Play
2013-05-25 The Three Crosses Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-05-18 Our Journey Pr Frank Cantrill Play
2013-05-11 What Will You Put In Your Basket Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-04-27 The Darkest Day on Earth Mark Nash Play
2013-04-20 Seven Sabbath Miracles Pr Paul von Bratt Play
2013-04-13 Outrageous Grace - Part 2 Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-04-06 Outrageous Grace - Part 1 Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-03-30 The Burial of Jesus Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-03-23 Pr Keith Jackson Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-03-16 Pr Paul von Bratt Pr Paul von Bratt Play
2013-03-09 Pr Keith Jackson Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-03-02 Are You Elijah? Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-02-23 Pr Keith Jackson Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-02-16 To Dream the Impossible Dream Carel Neuhoff Play
2013-02-09 Chris Markey Chris Markey Play
2013-02-02 Time to Tremble Dr Glen Hughes Play
2013-01-26 20130126_Keith_Jackson_The_pardoned_convict.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2013-01-19 20130119_Horace_Evans.m4a Horace Evans Play
2013-01-12 20130112_Neville_Leeson_Looking_unto_Jesus.m4a Neville Leeson Play
2013-01-05 20130105_Paul_Geelan_Eyes_On_The_Prize.m4a Pr Paul Geelan Play
2012-11-24 20121124_Justin_Lawman_In_the_beginning_was_Jesus.m4a Pr Justin Lawman Play
2012-11-03 20121103_Horace_Evans_The_Gift_of_Time.m4a Horace Evans Play
2012-10-27 20121027_Keith_Jackson_Little_Foxes.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-09-01 20120901_Blue_Hills_College.m4a Blue Hills College Play
2012-08-25 20120825_Pr_Keith_Jackson_the_Ragman.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-08-18 20120818_Horace_Evans_Guard_Carefully_the_Avenues_of_the_Soul.m4a Horace Evans Play
2012-08-11 20120811_Pr_Keith_Jackson_Greater_than_Gold.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-07-28 20120728_Pr_Keith_Jackson_Warm_Blooded_Christians.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-07-21 20120721_Dr_Don_Batten_Answers_to_the_big_questions_of_life.m4a Dr Don Batten Play
2012-07-14 20120714_Ashley_Smith_-_What_If.m4a Play
2012-07-07 20120707_Keith_Jackson_the_Prodigal_Father.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-06-30 20120630_Pr_Keith_Jackson_-_Affirmation_Do_We_Need_It.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-06-23 20120623_Pr_Keith_Jackson_More_Than_a_Meal.m4a More Than a Meal Play
2012-06-16 20120616_Lynelda_Tippo_Our_Testimony_Gods_Delight.m4a Lynelda Tippo Our Testimony Gods Delight Play
2012-06-09 2020609_Rodney_Woods_In_the_Image_of_God.m4a Rodney Woods In the Image of God Play
2012-06-02 20120602_Horace_Evans.m4a Horace Evans Play
2012-05-26 20120526_Pr_Keith_Jackson_This_day_is_a_day_of_good_news.m4a Pr keith Jackson Play
2012-05-19 20120519_Ashley_Smith_Except_you_see_signs_and_wonders.m4a Ashley Smith Play
2012-05-12 20120512_Pr_Keith_Jackson_How_many_Mothers_can_one_have.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-05-12 Kandace____Kids_-_Because_You_Loved_Me.m4a Kandace Latimer & the Kids Play
2012-05-05 20120505_Pr_Jeff_Parker_A_Broken_Heart.m4a Play
2012-04-28 20120428_Pr_Keith_Jackson_Anzac_Echo.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-04-21 20120421_Pr_Keith_Jackson_the_Bodyguard.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-04-14 20120414_Pr_Paul_Geelan_Kandace_and_Courtney_Baptism.m4a Pr Paul Geelan Play
2012-04-07 20120407_Chris_M_Chris_T_Nadene_L_Horace_E_Easter.m4a Chris M, Chris T, Nadene L, Horace E - Easter Play
2012-03-31 20120331_Matt_Parra_Out_of_Disappointment.m4a Matt Parra Play
2012-03-24 20120324_Glen_Hughes_Wasted_Tears.m4a Dr Glen Hughes Play
2012-03-17 20120317_Pr_Keith_Jackson_The_Gospel_according_to_St_Patrick.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-03-10 20120310_Mark_Nash_Wrestling_with_God.m4a Mark Nash Play
2012-03-03 20120303_Ashley_Smith_Total_Realignment.m4a Ashley Smith Play
2012-02-25 20120225_Keith_Jackson_True_Blue.m4a Keith Jackson Play
2012-02-18 20120218_Anthony_Kent_When_bridesmaids_were_the_stars.m4a Pr Anthony Kent Play
2012-02-11 20120211_Keith_Jackson_Communion_Service.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-01-07 20120107_Ben_Damon_Jescinta_Lucy_What_Must_I_Do_To_Be_Saved.m4a Ben, Damon, Jescinta & Lucy Play
2012-02-04 20120204_Keith_Jackson_People_With_Hope_Are_Called.m4a Pr Keith Jackson Play
2012-01-28 20120128_Chris_Markey_Have_we_missed_the_boat.m4a Chris Markey Play
2012-01-21 20120121_Steve_Bryant_Testimony.mp3 Steve Bryant Play
2012-01-14 20120114_Ashley_Smith_There_is_a_famine_in_the_land.m4a Ashley Smith Play